1. Dennis Hopper Reads “If,” by Rudyard Kipling on The Johnny Cash Show 1970

  2. It could have been an interview in which all the proper questions were asked and all the proper answers given, and afterwards there would have been nothing. This way something was accomplished because there was no pretending. 

    I mean, I can’t sit in a situation where I’m with a bunch of polite people talking bullshit. I just can’t. It’s not a question of wanting to or not wanting to. It makes me terribly uncomfortable, and I just can’t do it. I hate being nice. I’m not nice. It’s better to start out crude. It’s so much simpler. 

    ***John was referring to a different interview but he might as well have been talking about this Dick Cavett interview. 

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  3. Oliver Stone answers questions from his Satire and Controversy conversation with Banff Centre Globe Canada correspondent Ian Brown. A Heather and N. Murray Edwards Legendary Leader event. http://www.banffcentre.ca/live

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    Martin Scorsese delivers the 42nd annual Jefferson Lecture on April 1 at 7:30 PM at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.

    Scorsese’s lecture, “Persistence of Vision: Reading the Language of Cinema,” will be followed by an on-stage conversation with noted film-critic and long-time collaborator Kent Jones.

    The annual Jefferson Lecture, sponsored by NEH, is the most prestigious honor the federal government bestows for distinguished intellectual achievement in the humanities. Past Jefferson Lecturers include Wendell Berry, Drew Gilpin Faust, John Updike, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Bernard Bailyn, Toni Morrison, Arthur Miller, James McPherson, Barbara Tuchman, and Robert Penn Warren.

  5. Maverick actor/filmmaker Dennis Hopper appeared on the Merv Griffin Show in 1971 as a disenfranchised idealist having recently fallen from Hollywood’s good graces. After riding high on the success of “Easy Rider” he made “The Last Movie” which won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival but was trashed by critics and moviegoers in America. He certainly stands out on this panel which includes fellow actors James Brolin and Diane Baker as well as baseball legend Willie Mays. While many of the original tapes of the Merv Griffin Show were preserved, this one was lost and this clip is an example of a show preserved on color kinescope. Merv Griffin had over 5000 guests appear on his show from 1963-1986. Footage from the Merv Griffin Show is available for licensing to all forms of media through Reelin’ In The Years Productions. http://www.reelinintheyears.com.

  6. A video essay by Dennis Hopper on his friend, Nicholas Ray.

    This piece uses scans of about a half dozen photos taken by Mark Goldstein from Binghamton, NY where Nick taught cinema in the early 70’s. They can be found in his Flickr set at http://bit.ly/17kFDy

    Also some were used in “Live Fast, Die Young: The Wild Ride of Making Rebel Without a Cause” by Lawrence Frascella and Al Weisel published 10/05.

    Follow this link for an interesting article on both men and their friendship: http://bit.ly/a3xncD

  7. Samuel Fuller Interview 1/2 

  8. 1963-02-03.Duke Ellington Interview.Part1/2.

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    1971 interview with Howard Hawks

  10. An hour with actor Bruce Dern on his career in movies and latest film: “Nebraska.”


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    Charlie Rose: A look at the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” with Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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    Charlie Rose talks to musician Jack White and Dean Blackwood, cofounder of Revenant Records, about their project to revive early 20th century blues recordings.


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    A look at the film Blue is the Warmest Colour with actor Adèle Exarchopoulos.

  15. Debra Winger: ‘I was holding on for dear life’
    Actress and activist Debra Winger talks with Alec Baldwin about struggles and beauties of getting older.